In 2013 I traveled to Turkey on a Fulbright Fellowship to study Anatolian textiles. Since then I have attended six artist-in-residence programs to travel abroad for months out of the year, visiting Morocco, France, Sweden, Finland, Iceland and the United Kingdom. Along the way I kept a pictorial diary, filling five Moleskine sketchbooks with acrylic-ink paintings that illustrate my travels. Each painting depicts a landscape or memory embellished with handwritten poetry, building a five-year narrative of what I discovered about myself as I discovered the world. Below is a selection from 220 paintings and counting. 

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Aerial Paris at Night copy.jpg
Hrisey Airfield copy.jpg
Snow Falling on Water copy.jpg
Rix House copy.jpg
I Moved in During The Golden Hours copy.jpg
Widows Walk copy.jpg
Tarot copy.jpg
Eastern Prom Trail copy.jpg
Fall Path copy.jpg